Itinerants seldom enjoy comfort. Even though they love to travel far and wide for leisure or for work, they often enjoy the journey: both the difficult and the comforting parts. And some simply travel to and from work.

Memory Foam Travel Pillow

While travelling, our neck often doesn’t get the support it needs.

So we’ve launched memory foam travel pillows that are the perfect partner for those who’re always on the go.

Benefits of Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Memory foam travel pillows are different from your regular sleeping pillows. They’re quite small and mainly provide support to the cervical spine.

They’re used by people who travel a lot in airplanes or cars.

While seated, you can place the pillow behind your neck to provide good support to your cervical spine.

Here are some benefits of memory foam pillow:

U-shaped Design

The u-shaped design provides good support to the neck when you’re sitting down. Your neck and head are well supported. So, this pillow is ideal for plane and car rides.


Since the pillow is small, you can throw it in your backpack and carry it along with you. This is perfect for long rides or flights. 


As it contains memory foam, the pillow contours quite well to offer support to your neck. It even reduces the stress from your shoulders and helps you to relax completely.


You can wash the cover of the pillow. But don’t wash the memory foam, as it can disintegrate. By washing the cover regularly, you can ensure proper hygiene and prevent the buildup of acne causing bacteria on the surface of your pillow.


Because you’ll use this pillow while traveling, it’ll experience a lot of wear and tear. But that doesn’t even make a dent in a pillow made of memory foam.

Memory foam is a very durable material. It retains its original shape despite experiencing years of wear and tear.

Memory foam travel pillows are a great travel partner. Whenever you feel like drowsing off, you can pull out the conveniently sized pillows and place it behind your back. And if you have cervical neck pain, then you’ll find some relief by using this pillow.

Can’t I Travel with a Normal Pillow?

You’ll find it very difficult to pack a normal pillow into your backpack. Travel pillows are convenient and durable, so go with them instead of a normal pillow.

Can I wash the Pillow Cover?

Yes, the pillow cover is washable. But don’t wash the memory foam. Instead, simply spot clean it.

Can Children use these Pillows?

Yes, but they may find it a little difficult to use. Because they’re specifically designed for adults, children may not be able to use it.

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