holds the complete responsibility of collection, retention and use of any personal information as per India’s Data Protection Act.

Type of Information that we collect: When you or any user visit our platform, we may collect some information that is non-personal such as your Operating System, ISP and/or IP Address. Such information doesn’t give your personal identification. When you use our platform for registering yourself, we may also ask you to provide us with some of the personal information such as Your Email Address, Email Address, Name (first and last name), Country Code, Phone Number and Zip Code and many other personal information like Education, Profile Picture and Friend’s List.

If you choose to register with, you are required to provide certain information like Name, Email, Phone Number, and Company Name, Business details. The phone number, if you provide, will be displayed in the posting the ad using your account. You also agree to get and/or receive the promotional message and email containing automated call messages or mail.

The communication mail or message that you receive may be for the purpose of confirmation and verification of the account and posting of the relevant ad.

There may be a collection of some additional information about the user that the user provides. The information can be deleted or new post, comments (new or deleted), scam/spam reports, searches on the basis of keywords and sellers (new and/or existing).

Every sells and/or purchase on the website is hosted by third-party payment gateway. We also use third-party software/website to monitor traffic on our site that may store your information for internal use of the website

Any use you make of the website simply defines your consent on storage, collection and/or use of the personal information and the offers that we provide on the services. You also agree that we can make changes in the information, terms of use, data we collected, ads we show and policy at any point of time without any prior notification or intimation. We may also track your geolocation data to provide you and other better services and for better functioning of the website.


There may be situations where we use cookies to improve user’s experience and preferences. This can be used to serve specific purposes like language selection, a track on information and other use. The cookies can for registering the new user or for existing user.

Cookies are the small packet of information sent by the server to the user’s hard drive and then it saves in the hard drive. These cookies like small packets help the website to track data and time of visiting the website, the history, username and preferences.

There may also be situations where our third-party service provider uses cookies via our website. This is completely for the purpose of improving the quality of the service and website. We can’t control cookies projected by the third-party on your system whether you are registered with us or not. You have the ability to either accept or simply decline the cookies. You can also set browser settings in such a way that it doesn’t accept any cookies.

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